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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Sara Bannerman

Journal Entry 1: The Beginning This semester I will be interning at Infinity Communications, a public relations firm located in Bronte Village. ( To gain the best overall feel of everything that the communications and public relations field has to offer, Alan McLaren (the Co- CEO) decided that it would be best for me to split between helping with the company's retainer accounts and helping with big projects on short term accounts. By the end of the fall term I will have spent time working in public research, event coordination and promotion, social media networking and promotion, design and development, media releases, copy writing, speech writing as well as client media training and development. I entered this program with great interest in how I would be able to make connections between the theoretical aspect of communication studies and its real life application. Despite having only interned for eight hours, I have already begun making such connections. For example: one of the retainer accounts Infinity has recently begun working with is EZ UP. ( EZup is suite of closet and organizational products manufactured by Tricore industries, a long time client of Infinity. Essentially these are closet and organizational pieces which can be assembled in just a few minutes without tools. The target demographic for this product are mothers, between the ages of 30 and 45. To help promote this product Infinity has launched a contest to help attract the target demographic. To help pr
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