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Lecture 2

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Communication Studies
Matthew Tegelberg

September 12 The Vulnerable Audience 2 key factors contribute to vulnerable audience theories: 1) WWI abd the rise of propaganda 2) Mass industrialization and modernization in western societies Analysis of the Film don’t be a sucker - 20 min film produced by US army to rais moral during the WWII. After the war it is shown as an educational film in an effort to eliminate discrimination - Cooper and Dinerman study audience reactions to he film - They present it to two different groups; hundreds of high school students and four groups of adults Key Findings: - Selective perception: certain predespositions the audience brought to the film (backgrounds) played a role on how they precieved the subject manner. Catholics left the room. - “boomerang” effect: Hans, who meant to be this guy who the audience is supoesed to feel for but they like him because they feel bad for him. Rather then respecting the main character (guy who rips up the ballot). Adorno and
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