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Lecture 3

COMMERCE 4BM3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Five Ws, Occupational Information Network, Scientific Management

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Frances Tuer

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Week 3: HR Strategy Implementation
Learning Objectives
Explain how HR strategy formulation is linked to HR strategy
Describe High Performance Work Practices that would support a specific
HR strategy (critical skills, capabilities, and behaviors)
Review existing HR practices and recommend changes to reflect a changed
organizational strategy.
Explain why strategic job analysis is the fundamental practice on which all
HPWS are built.
Compare and contrast job analysis methods.
Discuss the four approaches to job redesign.
Review: HR Strategy Formulation:
HR strategy formulation identifies skills, behaviors, capabilities and
organizational culture needed to support the organization’s mission, goals,
corporate and business strategies.
Apply: Implement HR Strategy through HPWS
IMAGINE that McMaster University will offer 50% of undergraduate courses
online, starting Fall 2016.
Skills: technology, advanced communication skills, facilitation, highly
Behaviour: engaging, constant search, more available, expectation setting.
Capabilities: adaptive, creative, self-driven, design and demonstrate value
Culture: openness to change, belief and value of online learning, co-operative
learning culture, innovative and creative, embracing technology, trust in
HPWS Alignment
Do your HPWP support each other?
Are there any disconnects or “mixed” messages for employees and job
HPWS Re-Design
Gap Analysis
Current State
Desired State
Lewins Change Process
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