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Computer Science

Access Tutorial 3 Terms Definitions running/ run a query to answer a query and display the result design grid includes the fields and record selection criteria for the information you want to see select query a query in which you specify the fields and records you want access to select* field list contains the fields for the tables you are querying query by example (QBE) lets you specifiy the data you want to view. you give access an example of the info you are requesting. access then retrieves the info that precisely matches your example Updating/maintaining the process of adding, modifying and deleting records in database tables to keep them current and accurate F2 key a toggle that you use to switch between navigation mode and editing mode navigation mode access selects an entire field value -typing replaces the highlighted field value* editing mode you can insert or delete characters in a field value based on the location of the insertion point* find command allows you to search a table or query data sheet, or a form, to locate a specific field value or part of a field value Query Wizard prompts you for information by asking a series of questions and then creates the appropriate query based on your answers recordset the result of a query -is returened in form of a data sheet sort field the field used to determine the order of records in that data sheet Autofiliter enables you to quickly sort and display field values in various ways unique when the balue in the sort field for each record is different nonunique if more than one record can have the same value for the sort field secondary sort field a second field that determines the order of records that are already sorthed by a the primary sort field primary sort field the first sort field specified filter a set of restrictions you place on the records in an open data- sheet or form to temporarily isolate a subset of the records* filter by selection lets you select all or part of a field value in a data-sheet or form, and then display only those records that contain the selected value in the field filter by form changes your data shee
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