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Lecture 10


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Hannah Holmes

LEC Oct 20 2010th Geography of Religion READ CHAP 6 Pg 236-247  Religion: a set of beliefs and associated activities designed to facilitate appreciation and understanding of our place in the world  Universality: all cultures have religions ex it serves a basic need  Religious laws/beliefs: governing diet, life, passages, roles of men/women, dress, laws & education 19 C Canada: strong ties b/t religion and higher education Ex Queens Uni – Presbysterian && Mcmaster - Baptist HOW IS RELIGION EXPRESSED ON A LANDSCAPE? **See Fig 6.18 -geographic space used for religious proposed : Pg 245-247 -shrines -sacred places -buildings -cemeteries Diffusion of Religion  The spread of phenomena over space  See fig 6.17 ex Christianity – origins in Middle East 2000 yrs ago  3 branches: Roman, spread of Protestantism, Orthodoxy  Spread over various means ex Colonialism: Spanish presence in Central/South America  Spread of Catholicism (today largest most widespread of world’s religions) --starts from the hearth and spreads RELIGION AND CONFLICT -pg 242-245 -Secularism: indifference to or rejection of ideas values in the modern world -How prevalent is this? –despite being the ‘cultural glue’ that holds people together, religion can also be a very diverse force Ex N. Ireland (Protestant/Catholic), former Yugoslavia (Islam VS Christianity) ---3 observations: 1. Religions have fundamental belied ex life/afterlife etc 2. None of these religion appear to openly advocate/support/encourage violence towards others
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