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Hannah Holmes

The Atlantic colonies during the era of British Mercantilism Newfoundland - just after the conquest 1763 - now that the war ended all markets in Europe reopened spurring fishing - population increased Impact of American revolution - British royal navy didn’t want new England boats coming up to newfoundland - Britain banned all imports coming from new England - Newfoundland had to rely on Britain - The supplies they did get were very expensive and there wasn’t enough - Population fell Wars in Europe- fishery fell… Spanish market for fish was closed - because of that prices for fish fell and less catching occurred by 1824 newfoundland became a proper british colony The Maritimes • Resident elites and absentee landowners • Landowners were supposed to pay rent but they never really did • For next 100 years conflict between resident elites and landowners in Britain • NS couldn’t compete with New England • American Revolution 1776-1780 – 3 important developments • 1. Forest products to british Navy • ns pine forests were massive and great for ship • wants ns rather then new england • 2. New England excluded from West Indies trade • west indies was british colony • 3. Loyalist immigration (anyone in british colonies who remain
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