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Jeffery Donaldson

March 6/2013 English 1A03 The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman - Repeated pattern of confinement - Sense of entrapment / imprisonment - The change of our psychological experiences o The sudden glimpse of freedom and stirring of imagination - The experience of confinement and the attempt to get better - Relationship between sickness and confinement o Husbands perspective: because she is ill, she has to be kept in a protective space  Confined into the illness  The husband sees the desire to express herself creatively as the illness itself  He identifies creative activity with sickness o Her perspective: Trying to break loose by writing things down  She wants to write a journal but it tires her  She sees that as an avenue of escape – expressing creative energy  Eventually creative energy will break loose  She identifies creative activity with liberation - “dead paper” – indicates that there is a certain detachment in her mind as well o A conditioning of what the paper is before she starts to write o “this is dead paper and a great relief to my mind” – contrasting paradox o Pattern of death and life - Doppelganger motif o She seems to have a shadow figure o She actually becomes to final character that is suggested  She is no longer talking about a person in the wallpaper trying to break lose  Rather she is the woman in the wallpaper that was confined and is now lose  They become one in the final moment  This is an exchange of communication  Sees a person, identifies with them, and then joins them in every sense  Could it be the moment of her greatest sanity rather t
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