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Lecture 20

ENGLISH 2G06 Lecture 20: English 2G06 - Lecture 20-23 - Klee Wyck

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Klee Wyck Tuesday January 14. 2014 Emily Carr • Artist and writer • Made representational art • “Big Raven” – Characteristic Carr Painting o Paint applied in broad strokes o Flowing – no straight lines in the painting o Suggests fluidity, vitality, motion and spirit in the natural world o Native constructs of nature vs Western constructs of nature o Raven is portrayed as big and spectacular  God-like • “Above The Gravel Pit” o Focus on the picture is where the land is being cleared • “The Crying Totem” o Totem poles carry powerful religious and historical significance o Natives were banned from creating totem poles for a period of time o Totem pole is crying – recognizes it’s role and the degree in which it has been reduced in power • “Cumshewa” o Motion, fluidity and celebration of the focal image • “Forest: British Columbia” o Theme of unity throughout all the paintings o Sense of being invited in o Trees are a pathway to something o Absence of human figures in her paintings • “Guyasdoms D’Sonoqua” o Celebration of femininity • “Indian Church” o Church appears to be swallowed by nature o Carr has an antagonistic attitude towards religion o Cross is replicated in three places o Almost as if she is saying that things in these places are related somehow o Ferocity in nature – bearing down on the church o Linearity in the architecture of the church – nothing to do with the natural world o Tension between nature and the church • “Indian Hut Queen Charlotte Islands” o Some kind of consciousness in the natural world • “Old Time Coast Village”, “Tanoo: Queen Charlotte Islands”, “Totem Mother” • “Baptism” Autobiography o Feels that the bible is giving her a rebirth (new birthday) o Attitude towards her brother o Father is painted as a patriarch – language suggests that he is in charge of the family – Bible holds the family together – father is the ultimate authority o Controls what is written in the bible as well as her identity o Emily is at the bottom of the power totem pole o Her only power is opposition – wants to escape this o Also what Klee Wyck is about o Has the same name as parents – even less identity/control Klee Wyck • “The house was of wood, unpainted” (talking about a mission house) • Emily reconstructs herself as a young girl – naïve and innocent • Page 32 – “I felt so young and empty standing there before the Indians” • Battle for her consciousness between two different worlds • Missionaries represent the European influence (religion, culture) • Colonialism – colonize people by ridding them of aspects of their culture that are deemed inferior – battling for Emily’s soul • Missionaries tell Natives that their religion is primitive, savage, barbaric, infantile while their religion is civilized and sophisticated • School house is an important symbol, a place where the uncivilized become civilized • Transmission point from one generation to the next • A place where colonizing citizens can erase their memories • Note how many times Carr references nature as having energy • Example: “growing green” • Page 34 Second Paragraph • At the heart of what Carr is trying to play around with throughout the text • When the children were trying to learn ABCs – get rid of the Indian in them • Emphasis on resistance • 113 – Bottom • “One child died, the other two never lived … then we pictured them all together” • Sophie – medical story about bad prenatal care (keep losing babies) • No futurity • 37 – Bottom • Mission house going to bed – Carr’s attitude towards the missionaries
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