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3F03_February 3, 2010

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February 3 , 2010 02/02/2010 February 2 , 2010 nd Gender and Canadian Theatre Who is represented and how? Adding it up: The Status of women in Canadian Theatre In the Canadian theatre industry, key positions of creativity and authority are primarily male dominated. Women currently account for 33% of the artistic directors 34% of the working directors and 27% of produced playwrights Men are particularly hired as Ads, directors and playwrights in greater numbers than women at the larger, more established theatres, whereas women are found in greater numbers at smaller theatre venues. While women constitute one-third of the nation’s artistic directors, people With 1,945 productions staged by 113 companies between 2000/01 &2005 New Wine in Old Bottles? Feminist companies founded to create institutional structures open to women’s work Themes of concern to Women Forms that could convey women’s concerns Decision making structures allowed exploration Companies get formed because they feel the decision making structures do not allow their concerns to be explored (there’s no time for them) Themes in early Feminist work Women’s history and heroines The true story of Ida Johnson Pope Joan The personal as political 1 This is for you, Anna La Nef des Sorcieres (A clash of Symbols) rd February 3 , 2010 Working Methods Monologues A lot of early work took place in Monologues Initial work was about one woman’s point of view Collective Creation Alternatives – Knight wood article  Perhaps it is true that we don’t have good women play wrights? Women need to have access to theatres in order to develop good play wrights. More problematic for women trying to get into play writing. Non-linear theatrical styles Role as women was sometimes constrained by a particular kind of narrative Sweet virgin or not very nice whore Narratives are set up around the fallen woman. A way to try and get out of this  was to avoid this kind of narrative There are multiple points of views Ultimately; that the notion of v
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