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ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture Notes - Gothic Fiction

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Jeffery Donaldson

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March 18/2013
English 1A03
A Rose for Emily
- It is a story by the entire community
Gothic Fiction
- Characterstic features: a reality outside the familiar social norms (ghosts, mystery, the macabre, spitir,
etc.); thus an implied critique of social conventions, the authority of science and scientific naturalism in
the 19th century
- The manifestation of gothic horror in terms of psychological states and crises. This interest evolves out of
the post-romantic investment of the individual as a stable ground for human understanding and society
- The rose is associated with dust and death instead of love
- The title itself tweaks the idea that the very idea that is missing (the rose) will appear in some other form
- The narrative gives us a special structure of death and resurrection
- Dichotomies: south/north; old south/new south
- Old patriarchal order represented by the father, doesn’t want to give up his position by allowing Emily to
- Passage of an old world but the attempted preservation of it in the new, relation between old and new
- Gathered together in the motif of death and resurrection. Something dies in the story (people, a culture
of the south, etc.) while the possibility of their resurrection or preservation is taken up
o The kind of resurrection implied in the narrative structure: a reaching back into the past, and a
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