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ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture Notes - Norm (Social)

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Jeffery Donaldson

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March 25/2013
English 1A03
Sonny’s Blues
- Addiction of heroin puts him in a state of mind that releases him from his conditions
- Music puts him in an alternative state of mind that transforms him and points him to better directions
The story is a weighing of the two different ways of stepping out of a world and seeing things from a different
- There are two different kinds of illusion in the story
o Music is a form of illusion (seen by his brother)
o The chemically altered illusion from heroin
The release of oneself from conventions is important to see the “true light”
Reaching towards a deeper truth, but the irony is that those themselves are apparently
Understanding fiction as such understanding imaginary worlds, art, artistic sensibility
The modes of stepping out of the social norm while they may appear to be
- Sonny stays with regular family, but is withdrawn from them
o He wants to build a different kind of family/enter into a different community
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