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Lecture 5

ENGLISH 1A03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Grammatical Relation, Alliteration, List Of Narrative Techniques

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Jeffery Donaldson

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September 19, 2017
"Our ultimate job is to find out if the language of the imagination is the sort of thing that can get us nearer
to where we are supposed to be..."
The View from Here
We don't fixate on what poems "mean"
We teach a process; the process itself is our content
Class discussion, facilitation
Harder to take notes on process, but we concentrate on how
readings happen, not what
their conclusions are
Slow reading
Poems and short stories are particularly concentrated modes of language. Through them we learn
how to be patient with words, read and use them with more understanding, subtlety, nuance, and
ultimately control
Devices of Versification
The golden rule is easy to remember: it's
Your essay will have unlimited possibilities if you remember everything that you say, has
to be connecting with every other part of the poem
Words in Relation: Sounds Charm
Miss Smith's myths missed Miss Smith's mist
Poets are always playing around with words to create points of energy and tension
Tongue twister is a fun example
Mrs. Smith's Fish Sauce Shop
Words in Relation: Their Meanings
Definition of "make"
I think I'll make some cookies
There's the subway. I think we can make it
That looks like a complicated cake, but I think we can make it
He didn't make the grade
What is that? I can't make it out
I'm stuck in a paper bag and I can't make it out
I'm hoping to get made by the mafia
Would you like to make out, or just listen to Donaldson's lecture?
^ We recognize that the word has changed its context
Repeated Combinations of Letters
Poets naturally exaggerate this element of connectedness in language, so that the significant
relationships between words can be revealed and/or emphasized, in the service, again, of a
charming or a riddling reading experience
Any repeated combinations of letters
Repetition of vowel sounds
"Flare" and "Hear"
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