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Lecture 15

ENGLISH 1C06 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, Simile

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Anne Savage

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The Tempest (13)
Why is he angry?
ii. Caliban is going to try to kill him
iii. He is being betrayed by Caliban twice
And on some level, is Caliban Prospero's one failure? And is
prospero responsible for him being such a vile creature?
iv. Once again, Prospero has been distracted by his magic
1. Last time he did this his dukedom was taken from him
4. “Our revels now are ended”
a. Revels= entertainment, the masque
b. Literally= the masque is over
i. Prospero explains the nature of the theater
1. The theater is alive one second then then gone the next
c. Metaphorically= this is just like life
i. All the towers, palaces, temples, theaters and even the world will be lost
in due time
ii. Life is like an actor on the stage that eventually just disappears
iii. Our lives are not much different than a masque
d. Prospero realizing he is rambling and says they Miranda and Ferdinand are too
young to think of these things
i. Sends them off to his chamber to relax
5. Prospero asks ariel how the men are doing
a. Ariel reports that:
i. They are red hot with drinking
ii. He made them follow his music (drum)
iii. He led them into a filthy swamp with thorns
1. They are now swampy, smalley and cut up
b. Prospero lays out “trumpery” (fancy clothing) as bait for the men when they arrive
6. Caliban and the men arrive at Prospero’s domicile
a. Caliban is now the leader, he has taken the initiative
i. He has started to realize that maybe he is in with the wrong group if he
seriously wants to kill prospero
b. All they will do is be loud, complain, joke around, and be distracted by everything
i. They are partially distracted that they lost their bottles (alcohol)
ii. They are also distracted by the “trumpery”
1. Caliban says it is trash! And you must kill Prospero first
a. He is wiser
7. Prospero: “All this hour/ lies at my mercy all mine enemies”
a. Prospero promise Ariel his freedom very soon
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