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Lecture 4

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Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

Lecture 4 Global Energy BalanceThe role of the sun is to provide heat and light through radiation emitted through space to reach the Earths surfaceEarths temperature would have been lower 46 billion years ago because the star was still young and has not developed enoughWithout greenhouse gases the Earths temperature is much colder due to the composition of the atmosphere Temperature has significantly increased due to the increased concentration of the greenhouse gasesIf Earth had a further distance from the Sun Earths temperature would decrease4 EoTBoltzmann Equation for intensity8o567x10 Boltzmann ConstantTtermperature Kelvin2Eintensity WxmBlackbody is a body that is perfectly efficient at emitting radiation4For graybodies Boltzmann equation becomes IoTemissivity factor 1 for blackbodiesThe earths atmosphere is not a blackbody but the planets are blackbodiesWeins Law2897T Wavelength of maximum radiation intensity in micrometersTtemperature in KelvinHigher temperatures would result in a shorter wavelengthsInsolation is a measure of radiation on a surface recorded during a timeRadiation energy is absorbed in surfaces clouds atmosphere and water and then reflected into other directions For clouds this results in a blue colourAlbedo is the proportion percentage of the radiation that i
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