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Michael Mercier

Social/Cultural geography I: The geography of Culture - Introduction - Culture & society - Defining culture & cultural geography - Cultural regions & landscapes ( cultural adaption) - Read Ch. 7 Culture and society Consider your own life and daily routine: 1. Wake up 2. Go to school or work 3. Return dinner - - - In what ways are these actions indicative of your/our culture? - “What do you wear?” - “What do you eat?” - What about other aspects of your everyday life? These cultural attributes vary based on: religious beliefs, language spoken, ethnic/ancestral origin, age, gender AND individual personality - Dominance of popular culture in our society (Such as jeans, sweater) - Consider: Having someone from Papa New Guinea in our culture - Would they be familiar with your social norms and expression of culture? - Would they be MORE or LESS familiar with your culture than you are with theirs? - Consider: Having someone from a university in Tokyo or England - Would they be more or less familiar with your cultural practices? Culture & human geography - Culture – the way of life of the members of a society - Culture (and cultural practices) varies over geographical space - Is there a distinct Canadian culture? Or do we share a common culture with others? - How about Canadian vs. American culture? Share cultural traits: - Linguistics, economic and political system Unique/different cultural traits: - Cultural symbol (eagle vs. beaver), Canada and hockey, America and gun usage Culture: The way of life of the members of a society - Tied to the values, beliefs, life styles etc. - The emergence & history of culture: “Civilization” - Consider sub-culture: Smaller population that h
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