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Michael Mercier

Geographies of cities & settlement I: Introduction to forms of settlement – rural settlements Introduction Culture: ‘the way of life’ of a group of people - Cultural groups adapt ( cultural adaptation) to their local environment in different ways e.g. Language (new forms of language, accents) - Among these adaptions is how people live - Where are how they live their lives (Settlement) - Many forms of settlement: Rural and Urban - Many different forms of rural and urban settlement - Urban and Rural settlements are usually defined in relation to one another; whatever is not urban, is rural (and vice versa) Urban: ‘built up’, large population, densely settled (will define more precisely next class) Rural settlement - Why study rural settlement? There are three reasons 1) Global population – what proportion of the world lives in rural locations? World: ~50% rural (Africa and Asia > 50%, Oceania, Europe, North and South America < 50%) 2) Urbanization – urban forms of living are relatively recent, prior to that rural settlement dominated 3) Forms of settlement: A window into culture and cultural adaption Rural settlement patterns Rural settlement: dispersed or clustered (nucleated) Dispersed settlement: - Agricultural activity and land-ownership - Canadian (& American) pioneer experience (Free land given by Canadian government to invite immigrants) - Geometric vs. irregular patterns (Land were divided by straight lines etc. by government to distribute properly) - Dispersed rural settlement patterns => field patterns (long field patterns) Clustered settlement: - Nucleated (clustered) rural settlement - Planned vs. organic development (strategi
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