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Michael Mercier

Overview of Globalization and Development Transformations of the Global Economic System • Communication and Transportation • Elimination of Trade Barriers • Transnational Corporations Development is a process of improvement in the material conditions of life. • Spatial variation in terms of well-being, different levels of development (education, wealth, healthcare), haves and have-nots • Relative and absolute differences in quality of life and standard of living (level of prosperity) • Worlds System Theory is an explanatory framework of the measuring development.  Cores: representing the haves (well-off countries)  Periphery: representing the have-nots (not economically stable) Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of people and societies around the world. • From textbook: actions or processes that involve the entire world and result in making something worldwide in scope. • Incorporated into a single world society: a global village • A village is a place where everyone is connected to one another, where everyone gets along, where everyone speaks the same language, same culture. Goods and services: global shopping mall, global assembly line Factors that change globalization: reducing the friction of distance, breaking down barriers, extending the scope of business internationally. It is very proportional to accessibility and connectivity. Reducing the friction of distance • Innovations in communication and transportation technologies. (internet, container shipping) • Allows good services fro
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