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Population Geography 1 (An Introduction to Global Populatio..
Population Geography 1 (An Introduction to Global Population Distribution and Change).docx

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McMaster University
Michael Mercier

Population Geography 1: An Introduction to Global Population Distribution and  Change Demography is the study of population. Population geography is the study of the spatial expressions of population. • Spatial distribution of population, density of human settlement, resources, consequences of our actions, health (well-being) The current global population is 7.11 billion. • In 1995, the global population was 5.69 billion. China, with 1.35 billion, and India, with 1.21 billion, are the world’s largest country by population. • Canada’s population is 35 million, and Canada is ranked #35 in the world in terms of population. • It is projected that by 2050, there will be 9 billion people in the world. The current population growth rate is 1.2% per year. • Doubling time: 54 years. (Takes 54 years to double the initial number of people) There is an unequal population growth in the peripheral countries. • Only 10% of births occur in the core countries, 90% of all births are in semi- peripheral/peripheral countries. • There will be an uneven access to healthcare services, education access, food, resource scarcity, potential for conflict among countries. • There will be an uneven distribution (clustered vs. dispersed), and the factors that influence this distribution would be physical geography (too hot, too col
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