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Lecture 9

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1. Introduction  October, 1999, population = 6 billion  October, 2011, population = 7 billion  Currently ~83 million births/year, only 1 million (1.2%) of which occur in developed nations  Demography: the study of population (Gr. o Demos – populace, people o Graphe – to write about  Population Geography: the study of the spatial components of demography (density, distribution, migration, etc.)  Questions o 1. Why is population a global issue? o 2. How has population changed over the six million years of human history? o 3. How many people can the Earth support, i.e., what is the carrying capacity of the Earth? 2. The history of pop growth  A brief history of population growth o Start of Holocene 4-6million o 2000 years Before present 250 million o 1650 – 500 million o 1804 – 1 billion o 1927 – 2 billion o 1974 – 4 billion o 1999 – 6 billion o 2011 - 7 billion  Predictions of the future o 2030 – 8.3 billion o 2050 – 9.4 billion  NOTE: in 1970s, predictions for 2050 was approx.. 12 billion (vs. current prediction of 9.4 billion)  Two observations: o 1. Significant increases associated with: first agricultural revolution (9000 years ago); Industrial Revolution (18 Century); and Green Revolution (1960s) o 2. Until population reached 6 billion, the rate of increase was increasing; since then, the rate of increase has decreased.  Currently: o 1. Total world population continuous to increase, but at a decreasing rate. o 2. Total population is expected to platea
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