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Lecture 31

GEOG 3RW3 Lecture 31: Geography 3RW3 - Lecture 31 - Bangladesh

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Segei Basik

Geography 3RW3 – Dr. Basik – Page 1 Lecture 31 – Monday March 23 Bangladesh Exam • Exam Review on Wednesday April 8 Part 1 • Picture of man who wrote the national anthem for India and Bangladesh o Rabindranath Tagore o Won first Nobel prize in South Asia • Area: about 144,000 square km • Population: more than 166,000,000 (2014, #9 in the world) • Capital: Dhaka • Government system: parliamentary republic • Official name: People's Republic of Bangladesh (‘The Land of Bengal”) • GDP per capita – USD 2100 – second poorest country in the region (after Nepal) ; at the same time – one of the most rapidly growing regional economies Political Map • Bengal, part of British India: Hindu majority in the west and Muslim majority in the east • Partition in 1947: • West Bengal – part of India • East Bengal – an eastern wing of Pakistan, or East Pakistan East-West Pakistan Differences: • East Pakistan – less economically developed • Bengali (Bangla) – one ethnic group and language • Population (more people lived in East Pakistan) • Historical interactions between Muslims and Hindu • East Pakistan demanded more rights and political autonomy – The Awani League party led by Mujibur Rahman • 1971 – 9 moths war between West Pakistan and East Pakistan • Indian army supported East Pakistanis • More than 300.000 died, about 10 million refugees • Independence of a nation of Bangladesh was declared Administrative Geography • There are several tiers of government in Bangladesh • Divisions are the first tier and the main regional entity • There are seven administrative divisions (or bibhag) in Bangladesh • Chittagong division is the largest in area (second largest city in Bangladesh) Geography 3RW3 – Dr. Basik – Page 2 • Dhaka division is the most populous (about 30% of population) Cultural Geography • Population is relatively homogeneous: ethnic Bengali – 98% • Different tribal groups – about 1 % of population (mostly in Chittagong division) • Sino-Tibetan family of languages is predominant for the tribes • The largest tribe – Chakma (about 40% of the tribal groups) Religion • Islam – about 90% of population (Sunni; small Shia and the Ahmadiyya Muslim communities)
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