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Sean Corner

12. February 24, 2014 Death of Alexander in 323 at Babylon, aged 32 323-30 BCE: Hellenistic Period -war of successors: rival successors of alexander waged war against one another -murders, battles, etc etc ▯ by 275 the empire had been broken up into 3 large kingdoms Ptolemaic Egypt - ruled by Ptolemy Seleucid Asia - ruled by seleucid I Antigonid Macedon - ruled by antigonus I ▯ since persian wars the greeks had tended to think of themselves in relation to the east (non greeks) - greeks vs barbarians greeks and macedonians who had conquered barbarians w alex fiercely opposed alexanders experiments of colonization and assimilation ▯ the wars that went on after his death depended on the greek and macedonian soldiery -they abandoned alex unpopular experiment of cultural hybridity and instead secured their dominion as colonial conquistadors -dependence on and use by kings of greek soldiers and colonists -extraction of products of indigenous peasantry -greek culture as the exclusive possession of colonial rulers ▯ -colonists provided land power for their army and also a means of securing control of the indigenous population -political economy of the greek polis compared to that of the near east -citizen farmers, all features of the polis vs. centralized state with complete control over mass population (peasantry), king and aristocracy making all decisions, regulating all things, etc. -colonist hellenistic kings took over this extractive , redistributive type of govt and intensified it -putting greek/macedonia into higher roles and the indigo population into the peasantry -allowed kings to enrich themselves and more importantly pay for their armies to fight in all the wars that went on continually throughout the hellenistic period -greek colonists that followed the king were settled by the king on privileged turf - on own farms, participated of exploitation fo indigenous peasantry -hellenistic world was a colonial world except int eh particular area of religion (come back to that) little attempt by kings and greco macedonian leaders to convert the indigo pops -colonists interested in maintaining their own superiority - as greeks they were set apart from and above ordinary ppl -greekness was a prized and exclusive characteristic -greek cities est. in hellenistic kingdom maintained municipal self government but citizenship was by law limited to greeks - exluding indigenous people - a few elite indigenous ppl were permitted but had to completely adopt greek ways ▯ The Gymnasium - not just training body - also the schoolroom - institution through which elite colonial greek culture perpetuated itself ▯ abandonment of indigenous elites -hellenizing few elite generated enormous tension btwn themselves and the rest of the indigo populations -the case in Israel 12. February 24, 2014 -for the jews to adopt greek culture - it was not only abandonment but also a betrayal of the covenant btwn God and his chosen people -many elite did hellenize -hellenized jews abandoned many jewish customs - ex: ceasing to have sons circumsized -maj of jew pop. to abandon circumcision was to transgress gods laws -tensions boiled over into rebellion -168/7 - anthiochus IV put rebellion down - bans jewish sacrifice, circumcision, sabbaths, and feasts -this provoked a much greater, more intense uprising -revolt led by the Maccabee family -167/160- revolt - ends ina compromise - jew accept overlordship and can practice their jewish stuffs and rule over themselves - maccabees become kings - the Ha
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