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History of Greece and Rome-Mar.15 "The Second Triumvirate, Caesar Augustus and the Restoration of the Republic"

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Sean Corner

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March15Triumvirate to Restore the Roman Republic Cicero thinks he can use Octavian who demands consulship and marches on Rome when he is denied o Reconciles withOctavian Marc Antony and Lepidustriumvirs for the restoration of the state Second Triumvirate o ProscriptionsLists of people whos rights property and life were forfeitPolitical enemies people wanted for their properties o 42 Antony and Octavian defeat Cassius and Brutus at PhillipiCassius commits suicide in the first battleBrutus commits suicide after the first battleThe Roman world was then in the iron grip of the Second Triuvirate Caesar was deified o Octavian becomes known as divi filius son of a god o Lepidus left behind in the triumvirate 40 Antony ad Octavias marriage alliancedivision of the worldo Lepidus is given Africawhich is taken away from him by Octavian eventually o Antony and Cleopatra as loverstheir three children and Caesarianher child by Caesar being kingly disposing Roman territories to the Ptolemaic QueenOctavian claims Antony as a traitor of Rome eventually declaring war on Cleop
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