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5292013 92000 PM Histroy 1aa3 notesEurope 17891945Themesdual revolutionpolitical EconomicInterplay between of ideas and ideologies with changing material conditions Significance of the French RevolutionLibertyindividual freedomseconomic freedom political legitimacy through constitutional government electionslegislative supremacyindividuals made up the people and should have representation not just a council of kings the will of the people not a democracyopportunity to move up with out having a tittleliberalism and liberal democracy Equality civil rights denying the claims of privileged groups localities or religions to special treatment and requiring the equality of all citizens before the lawFraternity belonging togetherness all citizens regardless of social class region or religion shared a common fate in society sovereignty of the people expressed through the idea of nation nationalism Reaction The revolution destroyed the Ancient Regime in France and forced other European dynasties to justify their traditional societies and political institutions with their own ideology conservatism Why Revolution in 1789 Revolution huge changes in a short period of timenot just one event but multiple th18 century France dominant stateLongTerm Fiscal SituationWars anemic domestic commerce bad economy government debt tax system ie Taille Gabelle Corvee tax system was bad worse then Britain tax farmingpeasants pay the taxesnobles lived with louis in his palace versi castleexpensive yayThe difficulty of reform trying to reform the nobles aristocrats to make them pay more taxes Political CrisisNobles and the parlements Estates general intellectual impact of the enlightenmentThe philosophes john lockeEconomic and Social Crisis 1788The Kings aim fiscal reform at the expense of the NobleGet middle class t attack nobles The Nobilitys aim political reform at the expense of the King The 3 Estatesst1 Clergychurch less then 1 of populationnd2 nobility 2 of populationrd3 everyone else 97 of populationEstates generalrep were elected from their estateeach estate had 1 voteThe Revolution Begins JuneOctober 1789 85 peasants famersrange of economic wealth though bourgeoisie middle class business owners profsrange of incomes Sieyes clergy man what is the Third Estate Everything They are most important people on France he argued Calling of rdthe estates general and notion that 3 estates should have more say in governmentthDeclaration of the National Assembly June 17 stQuarter of the 1 estate left estate general and sat with national assemblyrdLouis get scared and locked 3 estate out of estates generalnational assembly takes over kings tennis courtswear an oath of loyalty thto the national assembly June 20 1789 tennis court oath people on Paris thetc get excited king scaredJune 27 king gave in nobles see situation of estates general has changed they join to save their privilegesking Louis calls army to outskirts of Paris just incase people thought he was snuffing out their movementtoke it as a threat armed themselvesthMob attacked prison to get weaponsStorming the Bastille July 14 1789 Kings removes troops and gives speech new about revolution spreading a separate revolt happenings in the country side The Great Fearpeasants burning records of owning land and chateau of French nobilitythDestruction of Feudal Obligations Augusts 4 1789 Drew up Declaration of the Rights of Man ad of the CitizenThe foundational document of the revolution here set out as commandments political power comes from the people liberty by law not traditiondocument wipes away kings authority The October Days Parisian women arming themselves on the march to Versailles partly a bread rise cause it was expensive and about national assemblyking again buckles under and works again with national assembly 2 years where kings and national assembly work together try tp produce a constitution thJanuary 15 2012
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