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Maxime Dagenais

2T03 Lecture November 19 Industrialization in Canada - 1760-1830 industrial revolution –everything changes - Took longer to arrive in Canada – around 1830-1850ish - Planes, trains, and automobiles, well mostly trains · Most important impact of the Industrial Revolution: the arrival of a huge railway system · 1852-67: 3200km of railroads built · Important – connected isolated cities; opened the NW and new markets; attracted factories – important feature of the IR - Trains! – on the exam · Northern railway: founded in 1849 in Toronto – started in TO went north to Newmarket, then to Barrie, then to Lake Muskoka – bought by Grand Trunk in 1888 · Great W. Railway – founded in 1853, line focused on the Niagara-Hamilton region, 1300 km long – bought by Grand Trunk in 1882 – infamous March 12, 1857 crash (59 out of 100 people died when the train fell in Desjardins Canal-everyone starts to question the IR in Canada because of the negative effects) · Grand Trunk – founded in 1852 in Montreal, the most important railway company, 2055km stretching from Chicago to Toronto, to Montreal to Portland, Maine; crash in June 1884 at St-Hilaire – 99 people died, 100 injured when the train fell off a bridge – although the bridge was open to let a boat through, and the warning lights were flashing, the conductor didn’t stop – significant role in the unpopularity of the IR in Canada · So important in the IR that they became a political issue · Close link between politicians led to nasty scandals (bought shares and tried to increase the revenues of their specific company through contracts and policies in its favour) · Railways had the desired effect – creation of heavy industry (yearlong trade); growth of cities and towns; ships, mills, and breweries opened; important role in our history like the beaver – helped develop Canada – most significant role in turning Canada into an economic power - Factories
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