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Ancient Rome

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Evan Haley

Ancient Rome - Nov 16 Stefanie Servello two parts, short answer (insert some complex questions like the tribal and centurion assembly) about 25 of those questions, 2/3 complex choice of perhaps 2 essay questions that should take an hour 1. assess identify the critical factors and disillusion and disintegration of the republic illustrated by the readings (both books) and class notes/discussion 2. traditional historical mettle as you trace out a mini history of the ciritcal period of the late republic (late 90's, social war, to the battle of actium in 31 BC) libius drusus - accurate detail chronology (must be accurate) of the late republic short answer: review material from tiberius gracchius to actium (130's-31) - may slip in a question or two from back in the other chapters Gnaeus Pompeius, Carnifex adulescentulus - pontifex maximus (play on the office title) term: Gn Pompeius** - Praebeste 0 proscriptions quaestiones - WUintus Sertorius (praetor 83) Q Metellus Pius (cos 80,89) M Aemilius Lepidus (cos 78) - Cyrene Lucius Licinius Lucullus (cos 74, procos 74-63) M Antonius (pr 74m possssed iumperium infinitum pro consul 74-71) Spartacus revolt - Thrace - M Licinius Crassus (cos 70) G Verres ** (praetor 74; govenor of Sicily in 79, has propaetorian imperium in 77; proconsul in spain 76-71) Aulus Gabinius (trib plebs 76) - Coracesium - Cilicia C Maniius (trib pleb 66) - publicani • Quintus Sertorius has created a power base in spain • he began
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