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Nazi German lectures 3-4

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Pamela Swett

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Nazis Mobilize 19251929 Fuehrer takes stage Grassroots organizations Unifying ideals of the volksgemeinschaft trumps protests only voelkish to persists at national level party very young KEY building organizational base strong sense of hierarchyefficient at getting msgs mobilizing able to really connect with all people nationallyall parts of society represented therefore all parts mobilizedgrassroots networking had people everywhere so that both national and local causes where addressedvery good at tailoring their speeches to fit the need of the group they were addressing offered alternative future that most other parties did not offer Hitler was fond of campaigning therefore he was really well knownpeople wanted to see their leaders volksgemeinschaft follow up preaching about what they hated with message of unityunited fronts will solve the problem as unemployment rise nazis note riseBreakthrough 19291933 july 1932 37 largest party in parliament Nov 1932 33many people believed they loss their change workers and Catholics were never really swayed parliamentary structure in disarray law being made through emergency decree by chancellor options communism authoritarian dictatorship generals ruling under marshal law nazi partyonly real party that had a chance of being happy with real support President Hindenburg so old that not making own decision anymore tried elections but never worked no coalition possibleaccepts Nazi Partyname brought in support thought they would be able to do with Hitler as they liked since he was not a seasoned politician Jan 30 1933 Hitler forms government not very many Nazis in first cabinetpart of negotiationamount of Nazis allowed the rest were from more traditional conservative partiesThe Consolidation of Power 1933 Gleichschaltung strategy and opportunity Feb 1933 presidential decrees Reichstag fire Political coordination Day of Potsdam win over the right terror on the left and the enabling act Economic coordination demolishing trade unions opportunities of an upturn Early contours of racial state racist legislation in the first 3 months intro to concentration camp system Tension party vs State The celebration Hitler and Goering Observe the SAs torchlight procession Reichstag fire Feb 27 1933 the way of getting rid of enemiesviolent time in Germany during the first few weeks KPDSPD political opponents seen as traitors plotting to over through the new regimeMarinus vander Lubbe Dutch arsonist but instead blamed on communist party
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