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Iberian Expansion : Factors
Expansion of European water , manifestation and changes in
o Iberian peninsula , signs of centralized kingdoms ,
! Rise of modern states
Economic recovery , post plague
o Trade is recovering , money to be had
o Social rising , wanted the luxuries
! Spices and silks
Competition over spice trade
Emergence of more centralized states
Humanism ( Ptolemy , Strabo ) and navigation changes
The Spice trade competition
Competition for the markets , especially the spice trade
Most lucrative
o Highly desired
o 11th century growing demand
! peppers , ginger , hard spices ,
! silk from china
" brought by Greek merchants
" goods of luxuries
Venetians and Genoese
o Up to 13th century , venetians were the most important
middle man , Most active and cosmopolitan port .
Traders from all over came to that port
o 13th and 14th Genoese and venetians are competing for
Maco Polo
o Made aware of exotic places
o Costal port , competing to be middle man with
venetians and Genoese
o Competition for spice trade
! Extremely lucrative
! Large mark up values
o Wanted to cut through middle man
o Very active in the 1450’s
o Growing in size , wanted to prove
o Conquering previously stabling Muslim nations
o Pushed there way through eastern European
! Under ottoman influence
! Power player in spice trade
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