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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

oct 24 -sicko movie Commodification and Solidarity Hans-Ulrich Deppe Commodification and Solidarity  Healthcare system mirrors society  Distribution of the healthcare resources is the point of interest  A dance between social choice and political power  The myth of cost explosion = implies a change in the concept of health care = traditional thought of collectively dealing with social risks vs. to healthcare as support for private capital accumulation = re-individualization vs. commercialization = solidarity vs. individual interests  Health an existential good, a use value, a collective and public good = a benefit to society  Health largely unpredictable – not a choice as in consuming goods, it is a general life risk and can not be regulated  Demand for medical health is initially non-specific – illness must be defined by the specialist/expert = gives them power and discretion  Patient is vulnerable, dependent, in need, also fearful and perhaps shameful  The most in need are usually the ones with the least financial resources  Public protection necessary  Market is a blind power without social orientation  The state needs to decide how healthcare is delivered and distributed  Research indicates the field of healthcare is person oriented, uncertain, sensitive and complex  Money, competition, legal insecurity, professional career ambitions influence clinical decisions, consciously or unconsciously  There exists a contradiction between market pressure and individual patients’ needs  German law = public health insurance pays for all “medically necessary treatments”  In Germany the medical profession gets to define what “necessary means” = indicators of necessary: age, privately or publically insured, professional education, social status all become criterion  German physicians refuse to ration treatment on financial grounds every day = moral dissonance  Medical necessity recalibrated by evidence based medicine w
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