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Three Important Contemporary Approaches in the Social Sciences

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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Three Important Contemporary Approaches in the Social Sciences1 The Positivist ApproachThe Structural Functionalist Approach 2 The Critical ApproachConflict Theorists3 The Interpretive ApproachSymbolic Interactionist Perspective Grounded TheoryEx Looking at the issue of female circumcision Positive approachfunctionalist how family defines this child abuseConflict theorists Power relationship issues Can men dictate what happens to women men doing it for their benefitInterpretiveGrounded talk to people who have had it done and what it means to them Do people have different thoughts on itAnd what are those thoughtsPositivist Structural FunctionalistCompteSocieties and three stages of development mind body and soul1 Theological StageDo unto others what you would have done to you Deals with the soul2 Metaphysical Stageabstract speculation individuals who are thinkers Plato Socrates Descartes Deals with the mind3 Positive StageStructural Functionalist Stagedevelop into a scientific kind of thinking can we measureanalyze things can we statistically account for things Deals with the body how is the body Durkheimhelped establish the discipline of sociologywhat are the goals of the society need to look at social facts objectively observe the patterns patterns of regularity can be studied statisticallyyou are entitled to your opinion but what are the statistical facts quantitative methodsTrys to build for us a model structuralfunctionalist that will help us understand how to view society There are certain social institutionsstructures that when they function together they can ensure Stones element of equity efficiency security and liberty If we have these social institutionsstructures in place there will be social order and stability in society 5 STAR MODELan evolution of a 6th apex health 1950s60takes rise in a serious mannerFamily 1015 000 years agoReligion 3000 BC Egyptianspacking away possessions to take with after deathEconomics huntinggathering sharing Politics Might is right dictatorships revolutions anarchy democracy
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