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Kinsley and Healing and Touch

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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Healing and TouchKinsley ArticleThoughts and PerspectivesReligious stanceGod heals or teaches one something they need to learn via their illness Healing is something that needs to be awaken or cultivated within usa kind of acceptance of Gods will and and our need to deal with it So in a general sense how might this translate in our livesTheological stancereligious framework to understand illness and how it fits a larger biological or social pattern How it helps us find healing and combat fear and anxiety To be understood that illness has a purpose or significanceillness leads to the potential possibility of healing thus acknowledging a divine purpose Related Theological Assertions Christianity relates illness to human beings sinfulness sinful nature or to specific thoughts or actionssin causes illness directly cause or effect way or is a punishment from God ie original sinPatterns of sin suggest that that we are not being disciplined and to be in tune with or hear GodSo individuals are expect
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