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Lecture 12

HLTHAGE 1CC3 Lecture 12: Mental Health and Illness lecture 12

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McMaster University
Health, Aging and Society
Mat Savelli

Mon Nov 28 Mental Health and Illness Lecture 12: The Psychopharmaceutic Revolution- Past and Present Chlorpromazine Laborit discovers- chemical lobotomy- psychiatrys penicillin; antibiotic that revolutionized medicine psychiatric equivalent End to massive institutions; people became easier to manage; people questioned if people should even need to be in mental hospitals at all End to custodians End of psychoanalytic dominance End of therapeutic nihilism; once a person was diagnosed that was it its just going to get worse with nothing to be done Start of medical model dominance He tries chemical compound- turns out not very good as anaesthetic Gives it to psychiatrists, they start whispering about miracle drug- overnight they were talking about Laborit Early 1950s Better Living Through Chemistry Explosion of curiosity in biology of mental illness in 1950s Lithium Imipramine LSD: used as psychotherapeutic, having people with drug addiction, depression, alcoholism, they found that LSD experience allowed them to reflect upon their own lives in ways they never had Period after second world war Belief that life itself could be manipulated through chemical intervention Search for new drugs Miltown extends beyond psych circles Industry and pharmacies could not keep up with demand Miltown is minor tranquillizer: huge hit with average man/woman Highly addictive Soothed peoples everyday anxieties and worries Known as Mothers little helpers Many people had prescriptions for this drug A Drug for Ladies Miltown pregnancy can be made a happier experience emotional problems like woman's frigidity, brides uncertainty, and wifes infidelity THIS IS HOW THE DRUG WAS MARKETED ^ Keeping women in place i.e. those who wanted to keep wartime jobs, education, singledom, or to reject husbands advances Era of women liberation movementMon Nov 28 Not just treating womens symptoms (men used it too), but treating the symptoms of a middle-class American culture (Tone) Eventual dears over zombie nation led to backlash Zombie nation New drugs Cycle repeats Pharmacology as Big Business New industry driven by private companies, not public universities Whats guiding the doctors to develop these drugs is pursuit of knowledge On back of SSRI boom, antidepressants and anti-psychosis pulled in $20 and $15 billion dollars annually > GDP for Lebanon, Bosnia, Uruguay, Kenya, Iceland, Estonia, Montenegro, Costa Rica, etc. Basic Principles *KEY SLIDE* critics: although drug companies compete, share common interests: greater the number mental disorders, wider their product possibilities the higher the rate of mental disorders, the larger the market; active interest in higher rates of mental illness because more people to treat = good for business the more severe an illness is considered, the more a treatment is needed = good for business the more biologically driven, the greater the potential for drug treatment Disease Mongering Disease Mongering- extending bound
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