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Lecture 1 & 2 (2012)

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Health, Aging and Society

2F03 Lecture 1 142012 74200 AM What is a Health Systemy Description of a health systemo Total of the organizations institutions and resources whose primary purpose is to improve healtho Are these the only central or essential required components of a health system Asante Witchcraft and Magic Cultural system of beliefs witchcraft earliest times in cultural traditions form of health system and other cultural identities basis of how people sought cures to reach health goals in own community setting Shamanic Practice performance community consciousness Performance of shaman and person afflicted illness caused by breaking taboo or individual inserting spiritual illness on another produce harmony of sea goddess to have abundant of food performance not just with individualththMiddle Dark Ages 515 centuryplantsherbs bloodlettingpeople believed relicsobjects could be venerated held incredible powerbelief in holy bones of saints reliquary veneration of bones would healpilgrimages to incredible places to be in presence of holy bone thought faithdriven ideas of being healed by bones was appropriate through many people together it was perfect breeding ground for plagues Islamic World tremendous contributions to knowledge we have today complex surgical instruments and surgeries apothecary Islamic tradition golden era while dark ages were plummeting
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