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Labour Studies
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Labour Studies 1A03 212/05/2013 IndustrialWorkersoftheWorld - Nicknamed the "Wobblies"NAME OF A SAW THAT IS USED IN BC most common in lumber camps in BC, the IWW was founded in Chicago in 1905 at a 'continental congress of the working class' - Embraces a broader, internationalist, socialist inspired vision of workers control and economic democracy, 'abolition of the wage system', through the revolutionary general strike - Organizes industrially: all workers on the same job site or sector, in the same union, irrespective of trade, skill, race, gender, nationality, religion, etc. most important presence being in the Americas (Mexico etc) *Where the Fraser River Flows* *The IWW embraced immigrants, women and unskilled labourers - did not have any racial prejudice - anti capitalist union "Abolition of the wage system" - instead of getting wage, they worked on the basis of barter they weren't interested in the govt and 1910 who voted MEN who owned land and property Knightsvs.IWW Knights: Scope: border version of progressive change - Membership: embraces skilled/unskilled workers men, women and most immigrants - structure decentralized, nonhierarchical, volunteers -strategy: political protest focusing on state for legal reform, elections, strikes, less formal contracts IWW: - Scope: abolition of capitalism, workers' control of production - Membership: The working class as a whole, embraced immigrants - Structure: industrial branches and unions volunteer and delegates - Strategy (major difference) Industry wide strikes general strikes for temporary agreements, not interested in electoral participation
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