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Lecture 2

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Labour Studies Lecture 2- Settlers and Wage Labour Pre-Industrial Work Agricultural Sector - #1 by early 19 Century - Re. Importance to Economy - Re. Draw to Canadian Colonies - Re. Identity of Colonies • Lower Canada: Habitant • Especially Upper Canada= Pioneer Society Myth of Independent Farmer - Especially draw to the New World - And I.D. of New World • U.S.= Frontier • Canadian colonies, too (though not Wild West) - Every person who has good initiative, family, has a chance to make it to the New World - Independence - Not subsistence • Eg. Not “Eat what you grow” - Independent Producer for markets • Grain • Dairy • Beef & poultry Value of Independence - “nobody is your boss” - Respectability • “backbone of the community” • Reward for hard work • Gender element (not having a boss was “manly”) Problem: Start Up Costs - Prices of good land - Clearing land • Time to production • Stumping - Buy and clearing land is expensive “Mixing In” Wage Labour - How much mixture? - Role of family members • Females: taking work in (sewing) • Bonding ou
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