LABRST 1A03 Lecture Notes - Blue-Collar Worker, Kitchen Debate

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Post-War Compromise and Prosperity, Pt.3
o Cold War
Culture Wars
Not just about foreign affairs, it was ideological
Cultural thing, both sides claimed to have a better
model to make peoples lives better
^ Refer to as “kitchen debate” becomes very heated –
communist household vs. American household
Debate was between Nickson and ______?
Purges of Communists
Within labour movement, communists became vey
Woodworkers union =1/3 leaders are communists
Communists become official enemy during cold war
“Are you now or have you ever been a communist….”
Joseph McCarthy
Labour suffered heavily because most energetic and
involved leaders are being thrown out of unions
Many unions became snake pits from debate arising
form communists being thrown at
Limits on Dissent
Labour faces a lot of suspicion
When workers or leaders got heated and spoke up, they
were accused of being communists
Major fear of being deemed a communist because you
could easily lose your jobs from this
Didn’t want to sound radical or like trouble makers
Focus narrows on grieving system, did not want to be
seen as communists
o Proprietary
“The Golden Age”
Wages doubled and even tripled in for many people,
some exceptions to this however
For a lot of blue collar workers, world changes
Many families, 1 income was enough
Referred to as the golden age for these reasons
Education wasnt the only priority anymore for students,
companies scouted students though
The Canadian Labor Congress (CLC) 1956
Even though there was a huge rivalry between AFL and
CIO, they merged because it was in best interests
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