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Lecture 17

Lecture 17

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Life Sciences
Gautam Ullal

Lecture 17February2212101 AMTodays Topics HomeworkBlood Brain BarrierRead page 4041Most Important Facts Covered Today Components of the Blood Brain Barrier BBBCrossing the BBBBreaking the BBBWhile giving antibiotics you need to bypass the BBB in patientsLeaks in the BBBPlaces where the brain excretes its by productsInteresting facts1Brain is only 2 of the body weight but 20 of oxygen blood and glucose goes to the brainWBC RBC and most chemical substances cannot enter the brain this 2is important for normal neuronal and synaptic function The metabolites of WBC and RBC are neurotoxic Goldmanns classical experiment 1913He injected a dye into the blood called Trypan blue but it did not stain the brain or the CSFBut when he injected the dye into the CSF the brain was stainedThis concludes that there is a impermeable Barrier between Blood and CSF Blood and BrainComponents of the Blood Brain Barrier BBBBlood Brain Barriera selective physicochemical barrier between blood and brain LIFE SCI 2C03 Page 1
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