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Lecture 7

Chapter 5 / Lecture 7

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Life Sciences
Brett Beston

Chapter 5 Lecture 7Saturday October 29 20111132 PMSocial LearningFaster than individual learningAvoid trial and error learningDoesnt end with the individuals deathCan spread rapidly through the populationImo the monkeyWas the first one to wash the sweet potatoes in a nearby stream These potatoes were used by humans to lure them to observe themShe taught this to her mother and then her play matesThis washing behavior was a constant increase instead of the expected rapid growthThe majority of them still dont wash themBut is this really social learningThere could be human bias in this interpretation of WashingThe humans could be intentionally throwing the potatoes in the beach so they are encouraged to wash it or the monkeys could be going in the water to play instead of washing the sweet potatoes and by chance they potatoes get washed as the monkeys hardly let go of food once they acquire itImo the monkey also introduced wheat washing to her pact at the age of 4 but this spread less rapidly as monkeys are not used to letting go of food once they grasp itGlance the MonkeyIntroduced the stoneplay stacking up then knocking down stones to her pact at the age of 3The scientists noticed that in 29 years only monkeys younger than Glance playing and mostly only older femalesJuveniles engaged in short bouts of stone play which involved vigorous body actions this pattern of behavior supported the hypothesis of motor training meaning stone play helped with the development of perceptualLIFE SCI 2D03 Page 1
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