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Life Sciences
Luc Bernier

stApril 1 2013 Life Sci 2H03 Environmental Life Sciences Toxicants PathogensHuman HealthThe Grasshopper Effectpollutants reaching the Artic circlemany pollutants in terms of their physical and chemical properties are similar to waterpollutants leap and bounds from the equator to midlatitudes then from midlatitudes to the polar circleas water evaporates and precipitates the pollutants behave in the same fashion Mercury in the ArcticHg is redistributed in high Artic watershedsContribution of the oscillation currents coming form the midlatitudes which bring water that will be precipitating but the pollutants as wellPollutants are redistributed by artic currentsEg Amituk lake on Cornwallis Isnalnd NunavutInflow streams 076 ngL of mercuryOutflow streams 052 ngL of mercuryLow concentration but technically there is nothing near by in terms of human activity that should contribute to mercury in this prestine systemIndication that global atmospheric circulation that has brought contaminants to these latitudesbioamplification and biomagnification through the food chainintroduction at the level of primary producers ingested by primary consumers and magnifiestop consumers will caryy higher levels than the organisms at the base of the pyramidwith higher loads there is greater potential for health effectswhat happens with terrestrial systemspollutants found in lichens food source for caribou and wolves food source for snow hare And snow owlterrestrial ecosystems are not immune to these problems Artic Marine Food Weblinking both aquatic and terrestrial systemsphytoplankton is source of introductionin terms of human health fish are food source for aboriginal populationsexposed to significantly higher loads then the trophic levelsat the predatory level Hg In Polar Bearslevels found21322gg in liver
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