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Lecture 1

MMEDIA 1A03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Street Light

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Friday, February 13, y
MMedia 1A03 Day 13
-Pythagorean disciples -> they hear a voice teaching the person but there is something
between them so they cant directly see their face. they only hear the voice of the person
-art where like the Pythagorean disciples, they do not see the source of the sound, they just
hear it
-listening situation -> source of the sound is ambiguous
-source of the sound is screened or hidden from
-is an audio problem
-maximum for the sensor or the output to the environment when working with sound and
-distortion-> fuzzy kind of sound
-^ the rendered waveform of the project gets clamped down to a rectangular shape
-dotted like is where it gets clamped down
-to fix this, bring down the volume of the master volume in the editing program. sounds will
be quieter but it will be less harsh
-if you want it louder, you can turn the volume of the analog system louder. dont touch the
audio in the audio editor
-equalizer -> boost or reduce the frequencies
-animation with 3D models
-vertex -> location in some abstract space/any position in space
-xyz dimensions for the vertex
-mesh is a collection of vertices
-can place textures overlaid on top of the meshes
-light sources -> sun, street lamp, moonlight
-different harshness of light you are able to add in
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