MUSIC 1AA3 Lecture Notes - Deutschlandlied, London Symphonies, Minuet

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Published on 13 Apr 2013
McMaster University
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Classical Era
classical principles of clarity, proportion, naturalness (music of the heart)
melodies more tuneful, less complicated
phrase structure in all genres more balanced
homophonic than polyphonic!
more contrasty
Haydn - string quart. in C Major
based on repeating melody, "god save Franz" (now german national anthem)
set of variations - problem: tune associated with unchanging emperor so how to vary it?
melody stays, surrounded by contrasting music
Haydn melody 5 phrases AABCC (periodic)
Haydn - symphony no. 102 in Bb major, 3rd & 4th movement
composed 1794/5 for 2nd visit to UK
one of haydns 12 London symphonies
3rd mov. minuet and trio form: overall ABA (ternary)
A: minuet in rounded binary (aaba)
B: trio in binary (aabb)
A: ends with de capo, minuet in rounded binary (aaba)
4th moc Rondo form ABACADACA
A: main theme (each time in tonic)
B,C,D have contrasting themes, keys, textures etc.
Mozart - symphony no. 40, 1st mov.
sonata form, sometimes called 1st mov. form
expansion of rounded binary
no 2 sonatas exact same, but share some features
Exposition then Exposition' then Development then Recapitulation then Recapitulation'
Piano Concerto in A Major
drama of contrast
orchestra alone; soloist alone; one supports the other; soloist and orchestra equal importance
when mozie went to Vienna to become awesome he wrote it
concerto is a 3 mov. gener
1st: modified Sonata form
2nd Sonatina, theme and variations, or ABA
3rd: finale, sonata or rondo
1st mov - good example of mozarts melodic generosity (4 themes: 1,2,3 are homophonic)
1st - serene
2nd - more agitated
3rd - short note values
4th - calm