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Lecture 6

MUSIC 2F03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Arthur Honegger, Hugo Friedhofer, Thomas Newman

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Music 2F03 Lecture 6
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
- Compared to Sea Hawk movie, focused on captain of the Sea Hawks
- Robin Hood was a march, which is a group activity
o The theme represents the Merry man, not Robin Hood himself
- Love theme: comes in the end of the opening credits
o Blurs scored music
o Has strings and interval which has a 6th note between the interval
o Sounds like a love theme
- Robin and Marion meet early on, don’t get along
o Robin almost gets captured by the king
o Robin is forming the Merry men, in the caravan he talks to Marion
o Another theme sounds like a love theme, that theme is played gently and played
like an interval of the 6th
Scene 5: Marion and Robin 1
- Quiet variation of the Peril theme as Marion see the Saxons
- Two (love) themes during Marion/Robin dialog-second thee from opening credits - which
is the love theme (or are both?)
- Love themes often include interval of a sixth as opening (vi major 6th)
Scene 6: Marion and the Robin 2
- Love theme 1 for the big smooch big strings/moment of spectacle
- Love theme 2 quiet cello much more intimate
o Orchestra comes in strong during the kissing scene
Too much to take in, because too perfect
Spectacle of love, music comes in strongly to push us backwards and
gives us distance
Too intimate becomes overpowering
o Solo instruments draw us in for more intimate moments
o Two kinds of love at play in this film, towards the end have primary love theme
(from opening credits)
Biggest statement is referring to when Robin Hood is loyal to the soldiers
Scene 7: King Orchard
- Love theme 2(from opening credits) gets more dramatic statement with the reveal of
- Moment talk to king Richard coming back, have primary theme song
o Story title cards tells us Richard has been kidnapped
o Realize 2 love themes, because there is the romantic love between Marion and
Robin, also is the most important love which is the love of country (which is in
main title)
o Merry men are fighting for love of country for Richard
- Depression occurring in USA, movies and musicals of the time carried the message if
work together can achieve anything
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o Only those selfish will fall
o Message in 1930s: working together you can overcome obstacles, group more
important than individual
- Story about the collective, about Robin Hood but also about all the people helping him
- Sea Hawk focused on the other hand, focused on the heroism of the individual
o Strong theme for individual hero, no longer on team
o About the Spanish Armada weapon
o Came out same time as battle of blitz
o Opening title had aero Flinn with the cast dedicated to Britain and last defence of
- In 1940 WWII, the blitz
o The battle of Britain Nazi German aircrafts bomb Britain
Style of Korngold
- Romantic (artistic culture of 1800s, externalized emotions) orchestral style operatic
- Use of theme, often long and involved
- Often phrases the drama
- Allowing themes to unfold without distortions
- Links hitting the actions to comedy to key moments of drama
o Steiner Mickey mousing, Korngold rarely does it
o If he did it was for a funny moment
Alfred Newman (1900-1970) (p.144, pay attention to his name in reading)
- Part of important film family, Thomas Newman working on Wall-E, Brandy Newman
Pixar movies, Alfred Newman stage is where scoring occurs, very well known
Depression era films were often spectacular or escapist (fantasy, very different from the
world that you know), often tested new technology
- The adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Lost horizon (1937), The Wizard of Oz (1939)
- Robin Hood and King Kong were very different styles of filming
o Only 5 year difference between films, mid-late 30s, major advancements
o 1939 Hollywood golden age, figuring out toys
- A lot of these films were focused on fantasy and escapism
o Related to great depression, therefore these films were an escape from the
- New style of motion picture in 1940s
Into the 1940s…
- The 1940s: interest in stores that are more realistic
- Psychological drama, complex motivations, character driven narrative
- The “dark side” of the human condition
- Good characters and bad characters
o More subtle bad/good role in the 1940s
o More realistic by focusing on greed, jealousy, mystery
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