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Lecture 9

MUSIC 2F03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Tone Row, Gregorian Chant, Takers

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Simon Wood

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Music 2F03 – Lecture 9
Ennio Morricone
-Born 1928, Rome, Italy
-Still alive and working
-Best known for association with Italian Director Sergio Leone and the “spaghetti
oSpaghetti Western is a film genre designed for 1960, a response to what was
happening in 1960
oForm production stand point, was all set in the west
oAll shot in Spain cause dessert looked like the ones in the western
oCentre of Spain is a desert
oHire all Spanish and Italian actors except for lead role that would go to an
-How do we know we are watching Spaghetti Western
oExcept for lead actor, their lips don’t line up with dialogue
Cause American actors would speak in English, Italians speak in Italian
and Spanish actors speak in Spanish
Then overdub movie in English
oEveryone is really ugly (they look like they actually lived in those times,
weathered looking people), very believable look
oCharacters are often very ambiguous, even the good characters
-Over 400 film credits with a wide range of styles from popular music to avant-garde
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
-Hear a lot of voices that howl, whistle, etc.
-Hear the electric guitar (starting to hear electric guitar in film scores in 1960)
-Use of sound effects ,voices and electric guitars
The Mission (1986)
-About slavery in south America (local people lose), not a happy film, breathtaking music
-Blend of catholic texts and musical styles with indigenous musical element and
John Barry (1933 – 2011)
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-Classical pianist/trumpet
-Turned to pop music in his 20s
-By early 1960s is a well-known British pop musician
-Dr. No (1962)
oJames Bond
oMonty Norman got credit on first film, he technically owns rights to James Bond
theme (but was not right, it was John Barry)
oComposed the music for 11 James Bond films
oWon 5 Academy Awards including: Born Free (1967), Out of Africa (1986), and
Dances with Wolves (1991)
oStyle defined by clear, tonal melodies (pop influence)
oGrand use of strings and brass
Block orchestration
-You Only Live Twice (1967)
-Out of Africa (1986)
-In addition to the increasing impact of popular music, atonality and avant-garde styles
are also becoming more prominent as the tradition orchestra score is diminished in
-Modernism: rejection of the past in favour of the new
-Moving from ‘realism’ to ‘abstract’
2001: A Space Odyssey
-A score compiled from classical music
-Seen as a new approach to the relationship between music and film
oWould this approach work in other more conventional films?
-Very slow moving film (compared to contemporary/modern films
-Combination of tonal music from late 19th century (Johann Strauss) and atonal music
from the 20th century (Gyorgy Ligeti)
-Filmed by Stanley Kubrick
-Hollywood is trying to keep the budget down
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