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Lecture 6

MUSIC 2TT3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Stuart Ostrow, Bob Fosse, The Magic Show

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Music 2TT3 Lecture 6 Pippin
- Billing: Musical Comedy
- Coming of age story
- He wants to live an extraordinary life
- Goes through depression
- Ending leaves us with hope and ambiguity
The Credits for Pippin
- Composer-lyricist: Stephen Schwartz
- Bookwriter: Roger O. Hirson (Bob Fosse uncredited)
- Source: Pippin, Pippin, Schwartz’s student musical, which itself was “original” (without a
- Director-choreographer: Bob Fosse
- Producer: Stuard Ostrow
- New York run: 23 October 1972 12 June 1977
- Performances: 1944
- Awards: 11 Tony nominations, won 5, including Best Director, Choreographer, actor
- Revivals: 2013 (709 performances; 10 nominations, won 4, including Best Revival)
Stephen Schwartz (b. 1948)
- Composer and lyricist
- First started working on this project, then called Pippin Pippin, as a student at Carnegie
Mellon University
- Godspell, The Magic Show, Children of Eden, Wicked
Roger O. Hirson (b. 1926)
- Bookwriter, plalywright and screenwriter for film and television, including Walking Happy
and A Christmas Carol
Bob Fosse (1927-1987)
- Dancer, choreographer, director
- Mentored by Abbott, Robbins
- 1st show as choreographer: The Pajama Game, later Damn Yankees
- 1st and only to win the “Triple Crown” for directing: Emmy for Liza with a Z, Tony for
Pippin and Oscar for Cabaret (all in 1973)
- Richard Adler and Jerry Ross did a lot of shows together
o Abbott and Fosse
- Used hats, canes and shoulder play as part of his dance style
Stuart Ostrow (b.1932)
- Producer
- Mentored by Frank Loesser; composer-lyricist of Guys and Dolls; also a producer
- Broadway credits: Here’s Love, The Apple Tree, 1776
- Also A Pray by Blecht, an aborted project with Bernstein, Sondheim and Robbins (1968)
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