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Introduction to Peace Studies (Lecture 1)

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McMaster University
Peace Studies
Nancy Doubleday

Sample Exam Questions Wendy Orr’s supreme court application, for a False restraining order to protect detainees from police assult in South Africa, was not successful, True or false? In Togo Salmon’s “The Loss of Empire,” British True and Roman attempts to assimilate and convert indigenous peoples ended in the loss of empire. True or false? Prebble believes the sheep were the sole False cause of the highland clearances. True or false? What did Redekop and Pare argue we need to D all of the above do? a) Humanize Police Officers b) Rebuild Trust c) Create safe and confidential environments d) All of the above How to do the readings - Read for facts - Read for author’s interpretation of facts - Read for prevailing theories and myths about the facts (cultural ideas, perspective, larger theoretical frame they are trying to convey, vision of time and place) - Review these theories about the facts in the context of Galtung and Farmer (structural violence) and emerging paradigms of social Owen “The Practice of Peace” - Peace begins with you - Never work harder than you have to - Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke - Never delude yourself into thinking you are in control - Organism: “all living creatures and entities. That would include you and me as individuals, or all of us together in our collective manifestations known as organizations (families, communities, companies, and countries)” (130) - Open space for organisms to practice self- organizing - 6 Steps - 1. Invitation - 2. Circle - 3. Passion and responsibility - 4. Remember the 4 principles > right people, right time, whatever happens, when it’s over -
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