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Wil Waluchow

Philosophy 1B03 January 9 th 2014 Philosophy: • Addresses foundational questions • Whose answers inform our basic understanding of: o Most other areas of human inquiry o Fundamental aspects of the worlds, ourselves, and our relation to the world • Tend towards the abstract o Doesn’t ask for the time; asks what is time? • Attempts to answer its questions in a reasoned manner • Focuses on arguments • Focuses on analysis of concepts o Concept of democracy o Concept of time o Concept of knowledge • Has a number of traditional sub-fields o Logic o Ethics  Value theory  Principles and concepts  Moral interaction o Metaphysics  Seeks to determine what basic sorts of things are real  Fundamental categories of existence  Doesn’t ask: is there a chair in the next room?  It DOES ask • What does it mean to say something is a physical object • What is it to be a physical object  Does the worlds contain mental, physical and abstract things (numbers)  Is the universe composed of nothing but the psychical (matter and energy)?  Are persons highly complex psychical systems OR  Do they have properties (thoughts and feelings) that are not reducible to anything psychical?  BASICALLY do they have minds and bodies? o Epistemology  Deals with the nature and scope of knowledge  What does it mean to know a statement or proposition  What is the nature of truth  Are there sources of knowledge beyond reason and the evidence provided by our senses  Can our beliefs about the inner lives of other people ever be justified?  Can we really be sure that other people really exits at all? Do they have minds?  We can never experience the distant past and we have yet to experience the future (distant and near)
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