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Instructors: Stefan Rodde &Adam Sopuck Date: 10/22/13 Class: Philosophy & the Sciences 1D03 Topic: Ethics of Technology  The ethics of Technology and Sociopolitical philosophy of philosophy are by no means completely segregated from one another.  Ethical concerns are informed by a description of the socio- political landscape technology presents.  Sociopolitical problems are informed by what sorts of moral obligations we are presumed to have.  But technology can cut both ways. Just as it may add new possibilities for choice and enrich our lives, so too may constrain choice, or impact us negatively.  Given technologies capacity to affect us in such far reaching and life altering ways it must be held up to ethical examination Crash Course in the Nature of Ethical Theory  Ethics involves the determination of right and wrong conduct, good reasons for action, and the extent to which we have obligations to ourselves and others o An Ethical theory is a systematic treatment of the question of what makes an action right or wrong o An Ethical Theory is also prescriptive: i.e. it tells us what we ought to know  Moral Agent: a being who is capable of acting rightly or wrongly, and is a bearer of moral obligation  Moral Patient: a being that possess some value which makes them morally considerable o An ethical or moral problem can consist in a number of different kinds of tensions and issues o Some involve conflicts in values or ethical judgments between individuals o Moral problems may arise wherein there are conflicts within the individuals own rational d
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