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Sean Corner

Instructors: Stefan Rodde &Adam Sopuck Date: 11/12/13 Class: Philosophy & the Sciences 1D03 Topic: Is Google Making us Stupid? Google Day 1 Jonas-Technology &Ethics have become obsolete  These ethical systems make assumptions about the nature of human nature Traditional Ethics  Basic Assumptions o Human Condition is unchanging o Human good is readily determinable o Human action cannot change human nature Human Action  Why has the nature of human action changed? o Modern technology  Our actions now have consequences for the environment, the future and the nature of humanity itself Human Condition Is Unchanging  Human condition concerns the human relationship to environment  Traditional ethics assumes radical separation between the human and the natural world o This is no longer the case  Traditional ethics is concerned with our relationship to: o Other sentient beings [UTILITARIANISM] o Other rational beings [DEONTOLOGY] o Other social beings [RAWLS]  It is not set up to deal with our relation to the environment as a whole Human Good is Readily Determinable  Ethical action requires knowledge of what one ought to do  Traditional ethics assumes that this knowledge is commensurate with our ability to affect change o This is no longer the case Human Action Cannot Change Human Nature  Traditional ethics assumed that human nature was inviolable  We cannot change what a human being is o The question of whether we should change human nature was ot an issue Extending Life  Since mid-19 C the average life span has almost 2x  There are social, economic and ethical issues associated with extending life o Social: Elderly vs. Young people [very different concerns] o Economic: Elderly have more social needs
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