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Ethics in Communication, Sept. 18

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V Igneski

September 18 Kantian Ethics - Focuses less on the consequences, more on the actions themselves. Less focus on making people happy than respecting people. o Reasoning proves to be important – we act on the basis of reasoning. - Moral foundations: o Rationality  Capacity to deliberate about and act upon valid reasons for action o Autonomy: we are not necessarily autonomous, but have the capacity for it.  Capacity to rise above compelling forces of desire, self-interest, physical necessity to act on the basis of reasons. o Persons have a will and so have dignity and moral worth.  A faculty of choosing – part of choosing is acting on the basis of reasons.  The difference between value and moral value – people are incomparable and irreplaceable in their worth; unlike objects which have worth, regarded in price, people don’t have a price. Deontological Moral Theories - Moral worth lies in the kind of act it is, not in the consequences it produces. o Kant is generally viewed to be a deontological morality. - For Kant, morality of act determined by the maxim or general principle to which it conforms. o Maxim: underlying reason for an action.  (reason for acting + what you take yourself to be doing)  Kant also believes that everyone in a like situation should react and act in the same way. - The Categorical Imperative o Represents action as necessary and good in itself without reference to another end  The necessity of an action as a means to an end – is it imperative or
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