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Intro to Ethics, Nov. 1

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V Igneski

November 1 Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics - Virtue Ethics: o Emphasis placed on character – the person one should be.  “What kind of person should I be?” replaces the normative ‘what should I do?’ o Teleological view – aim at a particular goal, aiming at good life for human beings, as promoted by moral life. - Virtue o Relatively fixed trait of character o Disposition to think, feel, and act in certain ways in certain circumstances  Intellectual component – the correct belief motivating actions  Affective component – the appropriate feeling connected to an action  Motivational-behavioural component – o Primary basis for moral judgement - Happiness as the Highest Good o Human activities aim at some good or end o Highest good is:  Desirable for itself  Not desirable for sake of some other good  All other good desirable for its sake  Wealth is not desirable for itself, it is desirable for the good for human beings, which is happiness  Happiness is not a transient state, it is enjoyed over a lifetime o Moral life aims at good for human beings (eudaemonia, happiness, flourishing) - What does a happy human life consist in? o Ask: what is the essential nature of human beings?  Rationality distinguishes us: we have a capacity to guide ourselves with reason o Good of a thing is performing its function well  Doing anything well requires excellence or virtue – the role of virtue in living a happy life: o Happiness is a life of rational activity of the soul in accordance with virtue (if we reason well, we live well, an
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