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Lecture 3

PHILOS 2ZZ3- Lecture 3 notes

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Diane Enns

PHILOS 2ZZ3 Enns January 15, 2014 Lecture 3 Assignment question posted tonight Info about assignments posted • Sappho -- want what we don’t have o Have bittersweet sensations on our body  Desire is sensation -- entanglement of mind and body  Called falling in love  Infinite feeling  Cannot be defined • Find beauty in those we love o Become beautiful o Chemistry • Sappho describes falling in love o Desire o Erotic dilemma • Is desire the same as love? o Culturally wants to connected to one another o Can we love without the erotic desire • Eros is more than lust • Running after spinning tops is about sexual lust o Describing that eros is more that sexual lust -- desire for sex  Seen in Plato • Plato sees it as more of a general pleasure o Loving another soul  Strict mind body split  Can be found in friends and loved ones • Gained a legacy from greek history about love and needs of it o Philia - friendship  Affection -- infinity  But not sexual desire  Community and civil friendship o Agape -- love for god  Brotherly love o Eros -- intense  Impossible to control  Sexual in nature  Intensity makes it out of control and desired • May think sappho is shallow and only thinks of sex • Plato contains irony -- contradictions o Comic relief • Tribute to love o Honor the god love (male) o Evaluation of love • Best love is the philosopher for wisdom o No love compares o Should aspire for more than what is capable in material world o Intellectualization of love  Extracting it from the experience of Sappho • Tribute to Socrates o Loves wisdom o Virtuous life o "only knows about love" • Philosophy is the highest form of love • love in symposium goes back in forth between o Love as god  Noble virtuous o Love as desire for what is felt as lack • Love is judged based on control of bodies desire and transcendent of these o Moderation and control • Homosexual love is ideal o Not need to control o Older man was supposed to resist and just teach masters  a-symmetrical o Homo eroticism that is constantly present  Eliminated women from piece • Plato theories of forms o Important as it seperates us from our embodied experience of the world o Perception is inferrior as everything is uncer
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